Concerning Reason

At some point in time, the matter of reason came into our species' thought process: the word they sought was why? Thus, began the Cause: the search for answers, for meaning, and, perhaps, for truth.

Don Smith - Author

I now live in Cumbria having retired from a career as a professional land and engineering surveyor. I have travelled widely in the Middle East and Europe working on international scientific, cartographic and engineering projects.

I have found that life experiences in the desert, high mountains, offshore and underground have had a significant impact on my writing: I have drawn from distinct cultural differences as well as very similar human qualities. Humanity stretches across borders and therein lies hope for future generations.

The Cause Of Reason - Story Line

The Cause of Reason is the first of a planned trilogy about humankind’s search for meaning and enlightenment. The concept for the three books is to connect human and metaphysical studies in three personifications of life: personal, societal, and global. The objective is to relay the mysteries of creation in a narrative style that interweaves stories and more rigorous studies in a way as to avoid complex propositions.

The first book is the story of one woman’s search for meaning after the death of her husband and son. Her quest for answers eventually brings her peace and understanding of much broader questions about life; the sort of questions that humankind has been asking since the beginning of time: “What is the meaning of life?” “Where did we come from?” and “Why are we here?”